Cool Quencher USA is one of California’s Best Beverage Catering and Bartender Service. Cool Quencher has always been a Leading Innovator in Party Supplies, Products and Services .

The are many Imitators but only one Cool Quencher USA
Life’s a Party Quench It.

Chances are if you’ve been to a private party, wedding, or out having fun in Bakersfield, Golden Empire or at numerous So. Cal locations then you have seen Cool Quencher USA in Action.

Cool Quencher is a Premier Beverage Catering and Bartender Company, we have a long list of Satisfied Customers. Our customers know they will get their value out of any package or service they purchase.

Cool Quencher USA is the Original Margarita Machine Rental Company in the Golden Empire. Please make us your first choice
(all others are Copy Cats: Copycat Lizard, Copycat Man, Midnight Copycat ) .

So please fill out our Request for Service Form and we will contact you back with Price and Availability of your request, or call us at 661-852-0602